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question Are you looking to invest in a company offering technology and services to large organisations?

Prepario gives large organisations the competitive edge to stay afloat in this economically challenged time. Prepario uses technology to address the top issues in HR and enables the most effective learning and development tools. Large organisations experience transformation through individual's attitude shift and a greater sense of community. This facilitates the development of agility needed to maintain Competitive Advantage.

answer Please contact Mark Hopgood, MD, Prepario, to receive more information.


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Prepario Ltd, 42 Oakdene Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 3HL
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With your permission, we would like the opportunity to discuss your enterprise communications needs. Please contact Mark Hopgood on 01732 80 80 67

Prepario Ltd
42 Oakdene Road
TN13 3HL

tel: 01732 80 80 67